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History of our school

The first 5 years of a child's physical and mental growth are the most valuable, and hence they should be provided as much stimuli for learning as possible.

While parents are the first teachers and most powerful influence on their sons and daughters, there is a huge role that the early childhood teachers and initial peer group at Universal School/ playschool play too.

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Why Universal School?

To create learning environments that accommodates all individual learners providing them with opportunities to maximise their inherent potential.

Our ultimate and cherished dream is to capture the latest and most innovative learning and teaching techniques and to introduce them successfully in India and across the world. KKEL believes that children have a right to stress-free childhood, and we have shown that education can be a happy medium to gain knowledge. Learning can be and should be fun. Our belief is that all children should have the opportunity to experience the joy of discovery and develop a love for learning.


    The Kangaroo Kids curriculum is divided into age appropriate monthly themes. The integrated and interdisciplinary learning system, along with engaging and hands-on activities, ensures that all our children are successful learners. The methodology ensures that learning is thought provoking and empowering since it is based on the latest theories, brain research and best practices in education.


    Admissions are taken on the first come first serve basis on the age eligibility criteria.


    Less than 100 metres from Florence Cathedral, the Academy Hostel offers rooms and dormitories, all with free bed linen, blankets and towels. Free Wi-Fi is available in public areas.